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01 Electricity from the sun Solar panels use one of the most powerful energy resources - solar energy. When choosing components from which we then implement a photovoltaic installation, we always follow the needs of our customers.
02 Lower bills Do not wait and start testing your own energy production. This solution is associated with a quick return on investment and a significant reduction in electricity bills.
03 Co-financing possible The future owners of micro-installations can count on many benefits, including the use of various funding programs, such as "My electricity" or "Clean Air". Choosing the right package can significantly reduce the cost of your investment and thus shorten the time it takes for the money spent to pay back.

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Poles more and more often use free energy from the Sun by installing solar power plants on the roofs of their homes. Choosing the right configuration depends on many factors. Available space, potential savings, energy independence and of course looks will matter. Properly selected solar panels on the roof will produce electricity for free, optimally covering the energy demand. This will allow every house with a photovoltaic installation to become independent from increases future electricity prices. A home PV installation converts solar radiation into electricity that can be used to power any type of household appliances, thus generating significant savings in electricity payments. Photovoltaic panels, which are an unlimited source of green energy, allow to reduce environmental pollution. We direct our offer to both to households as well as various enterprises and companies. Our photovoltaic installations, apart from being modern and efficient, they present themselves professionally and effectively in terms of visuals on various types of buildings of our clients. We stand at height tasks to make each of our projects an innovative solution and meet the expectations of our clients.

Solar panels


  • Tier 1 product, Japanese company
  • high efficiency 20%
  • high power panel > 400W
  • 15-year product warranty


  • Tier 1 product
  • the largest producer of photovoltaic panels
  • high performance


  • 25-year product warranty
  • power drop after 25 years only to 90.08%
  • aesthetic appearance thanks to the FULL BLACK technology used



  • aesthetics
  • high efficiency
  • the largest manufacturer on the market


  • with built-in screen
  • easy to use
  • active cooling


  • allows you to monitor the entire installation
  • high efficiency
  • aesthetics

Mounting structures

We offer the most modern mounting systems for photovoltaic modules from top polish producers. We only use proven products with appropriate certificates. We guarantee you a professional and individual selection of frames.


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  1. Contact us and provide us with the necessary information to prepare an offer.
  2. After analyzing the possibility of using a photovoltaic installation on your roof we will present you an offer in several combinations.
  3. After signing the contract, the installation will be beautifully presented within 14 days on your roof.
  4. After the assembly is completed, our employees will complete the application for connection new microinstallation.