Plots for solar farm


Take care of the environment and ensure a stable income for 25 years!

Landowners with appropriate parameters can be great candidates for their rent for large solar farm projects. These projects generate rental revenues, provide electricity to local farms, and help increase our energy independence. The areas we use are of the lowest quality class. These areas are not very fertile or require large financial outlays to achieve the desired yields, construction of a solar farm is the best method of using such land. We offer land lease for a minimum period of 25 years, as well as an attractive lease rent. Long-term stable income will allow land owners to secure and improve future financial planning. The total amount of the lease is subject to annual adjustment!


Construction of a solar farm takes several months depending on its size, after its completion the facility works maintenance-free and trouble-free. Solar farms produce less noise than air conditioning devices (below 60dB), the whole is concentrated within the farm, which means that they can be located in the immediate vicinity of residential buildings.


Decisive for the possibility of using the land for solar farms:

  • plot area min. 1.7 ha
  • no local spatial development plan or plan allowing location of the solar farm
  • area outside the nature protection area
  • bonitation class IV, V, VI
  • medium voltage line (medium voltage) up to 500m
  • minimum width 60m
  • no afforestation

If your land meets the above conditions, please contact us using the form below or contact us by phone.

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